Ikibatsi Ltd provides charcoal briquettes to the market of Kigali and Bugesera district. By producing charcoal briquettes from different agriculture and households wastes, we reduce CO2 emissions that pollute the environment and also deforestation which is a bigger threat to sub-Saharan countries.

The charcoal briquette is one of modern biomass made source of energy that is used principally in the form of firewood and charcoal. It is an alternative to the current and most used firewood in form of charcoal.

According to the report of Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), a large proportion of energy consumed in Rwanda approximately 80.4% comes from wood and consequently deforestation is increasing rapidly to meet Rwandans energy needs.

Our Vision
Our vision is to grow and aspire to be the leading supplier of cheap, clean and
high quality energy to biomass energy users within Rwanda.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to produce and supply briquettes in form of charcoal and wood
pellets usable as firewood and as a cheap alternative to the current charcoal
made from wood.